Friday, June 29, 2012

My sick baby :(

This week has been a VERY rough week for us. Starting Monday morning-ish at 9am I got off work, when I get home I checked Lola's temp because she seemed a little warm.. It was about 99-100. I had found out that a baby in her class at the daycare ended up having the hand foot mouth I wasn't taking any chances with her having a fever I called up the ped and they wanted to see her right away. They saw no signs of the disease but did say that she had a head cold and if she was still running a fever or pulling at her ears by Thurs or Friday to take her back. Tuesday I stayed home with her but the fever stayed to a minimum like 99-ish. Come Wednesday I went ahead and went back to work and took Lola. Right before I was due to get off work they came in and told me her fever was at 100.4. We get home and it shot up to 101. I gave her tylenol and did everything I could to make her comfy. That night she didn't sleep AT ALL! Thursday came I couldn't go into work because I have no one here to take care of Lola and she was still running a fever.. By 2pm it got up to 102 and I called the doctor and they wanted her to come back. Took her in she had a 101.8 fever and has fluid behind both ears and a ton of congestion. I am thinking great we finally get to give her some meds to hopefully limit her uncomfortableness and fussiness. Last night was the first night she actually got a decent amount of sleep as well as me! Thank goodness!! The doctor said she will be running a fever still for a few days even on the meds so that means back to work Monday HORRAY!!! I honestly miss working. Sitting in this house is making me and Lola both go CRAZY!

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  1. I'm so sorry Amanda :( I know it's hard when your baby does not feel well. I hope she is well soon.