Monday, November 28, 2011

Labor & Delivery

On Monday morning Nov.21st me and my mom got up bright and early to take Chopper to the vet because he had been throwing up all throughout the night and wouldn't eat or drink anything... So while waiting for him to get done we run over to my doctors appointment. There they checked me and I was at a 2 cm and really no change. After that we decide to go home to do some walking then go to the mall and walk some more.. I finally was just exhausted so while waiting for the vet to call we just go on home and wait for Lancer to get off work to go get the dog.

I had started to have some intense contractions as the day went progressed. Then on our way to get Chop we stopped at Walmart to pick up a few things and by that time I could barely walk through the contractions. We get to the vet and they are even we get Chop home and grab all of our hospital stuff and head straight there because I was in pain...

We get there and they check me and I am at a 2-3 cm and the nurse went to call my doctor to see what they were going to do. She comes back and said that I can have my epidural. At this point I am thinking holy crap this is really happening! I am in labor! FINALLY!

So once they gave me the epidural my blood pressure drops and I feel faint and I am puking but on the upside I couldn't feel a thing. As the night went on I kept progressing little by little and the epidural started to wear off..they gave me another round but it was only numbing my right side.

Once I got to an 8 they broke my water and things still were going super slow! But once I was able to start pushing I was so relieved! The doctor had come in and told my nurse that I can push and once she is slightly out to call her and she will come...

Well I pushed and pushed for 45 mins when finally they call the doctor but it was too late she was coming with or without the doctor... She chose to just come on out so the nurse rushed over in time to catch her and she laid her on my chest until the doctor came..

Overall it is an experience you can't explain..even though it was very painful because my epidural wore off and I could feel everything it was all so worth having my our baby girl finally brought into this world!

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